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« on: January 30, 2017, 09:04:25 pm »

Hello, do you wish to join the 84e? Yes? Good!

Read the rules below and then fill in your application.

 84e Main Rules:
1. Use the 84e regimental tag (84e_rank_nickname) in Nations at War and in Teamspeak. Before release simply use 84e_nickname until you get your rank.

2. Listen to the officers and work together with other members of the regiment. 

3. Be active. Inactive players will receive warnings which may eventually lead to being kicked from the regiment.

4. Use Teamspeak 3 during events (or just to relax and talk!). Our server address is Use of TS3 is mandatory, even if you don't have a microphone.

5. Use the 84e Forums, Steam Group or Discord to keep up to date with events and trainings.

6. Don't be rude or offensive to people. Humour is always welcomed but be mindful of what you say, we are an international community after all.

7. The regiment language is English, other languages are not to be used in events to avoid confusion.

8. It is not permitted to join another regiment whilst being part of 84e Regiment, doing so will result in a kick.

In short; Respect your fellow regiment members, listen to the officers and turn up to events and trainings.
If you don’t follow the rules you will be warned, demoted or kicked from the regiment.

Now please use the template below and make your own topic named APPLICATION!

Where are you from?:
Do you speak English?:
Steam ID (Or link to your Profile):
Do you have TS3 and/or a microphone?:
What is your timezone? (Please respond in a GMT+N format  Click Here  ):
How did you find out about the regiment/Who recruited you?:
Prior clan/regiment experience:
Why do you want to join 84e?:
Have you read and do you agree to our rules below?:
How long have you played Holdfast:Nations at War?:

A response will be made to your application within 24 hours!

84e operates under CET time (GMT+1), remember this so as not to miss events!   Click Here

The rules will be updated along with the Application Form after the game leaves Early Access!
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