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Application Pancake
« on: June 30, 2017, 05:13:34 pm »
Nickname: Pancake
Age: 19
Where are you from: UK
Do you speak english: Yes
Steam ID:
Do you have TS3 and/or a Microphone?: Yes
What is your timezone? (Please respond in a GMT+N format): GMT +0
How did you find out about the regiment/Who recruited you?: Heard about it way back when, Holdfast forums
Prior clan/regiment experience: 77y (Pvt), Spartans (Peltast), GGR_Nr8 (Cpt), 79e (Col), 15e, 66th (Kgm), Sultans GF (Captain), Unsullied GF team, Underrated GF (Captain)
Why do you want to join 84e?: I really want to move to Holdfast: Nations at War and into a regiment which has prior experience in NW and MM and a good reputation and name that will attract a strong playerbase, both from those in NW and those joining without that past experience. I also believe a lot of my friends from NW will look to join a regiment like 84e with that name and past NW experience so i would also like to join a familiar community.
Have you played Mount and musket mod for Warband and/or Napoleonic Wards DLC(how long)?: 3 years give or take.


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Re: Application Pancake
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2017, 03:03:33 am »
Accepted ! Added to roster and group!

Use 84e_Cad_"name" when on teamspeak and in game.

Feel free to use our teamspeak:

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